Family Concerns

Families can be hard work. Whether you're a traditional family unit, a single parent, a step family or a non-resident parent - keeping everyone happy can be tough.

Family tensions are particularly common place when going through a time of change and transition, for example after bereavement or a new birth, during divorce or separation, moving home or changing school.

Children's behaviour often changes and can cause disruption and/or anxiety for other family members. As a parent it can be difficult to know if a child's behaviour is a cause for concern or if it's just 'normal'.

Contact one of our experts online to help you to make sense of the complexities of family change as well as giving you solid ideas for how you can make life easier for all.

Family concerns

Our experts are trained to help with . . .

  • Step family issues
  • Teenage difficulties
  • Family conflict
  • Blended family issues
  • Family change
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Coping with in-laws
  • Introducing a new partner
  • Sibling differences

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