Please select the type of enquiry that best describes the problem that you'd like help with today.

Relationship Difficulties

Use this option if you'd like advice and support with relationship difficulties such as affairs, jealousy and insecurity, arguments, commitment issues, ending a relationship, communication difficulties, adjusting to parenting together or any other issue directly relating to either an existing relationship or a past relationship.

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Sexual Problems

This option will take you directly to a qualified psychosexual therapist who can give you detailed information and personal advice on any sexual problem or sexual dysfunction. Including erection and ejaculation difficulties, painful intercourse and problems reaching orgasm, sex addiction, differences in libido or low sex drive, help in making sex better or issues around fetishes. Please also choose this option if you'd like information or advice on a partners sexual problem.

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Dating Dilemmas

Use this option if you'd like practical advice on creating a good impression online, understanding the importance of your personality profile and compatibility reports, knowing if someone is right for you, moving a relationship on and managing difficult dating situations.

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Divorce & Separation Advice

If you need practical or emotional support while you're going through a divorce or separation, choose this option. Our therapists can help you manage difficult emotions, understand what went wrong, give advice on helping children cope with the changes and communicating with your ex and offer encouragement for moving on.

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Family Concerns

Choose this option if you need help making sense of the complexities of family life. Including adapting to family change, step family issues, difficulties with children and challenging behaviours, introducing a new partner or problems with the in-laws.

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